H2S Awareness

H2S Awareness Training:

Hydrogen Sulphide also know as H2S, Hydrogen Sulfide, Rotten Egg Gas and Sewer Gas is a colourless, highly flammable and highly toxic gas, which is a common by product of many industrial processes. The gas can accumulate in low lying areas and if it is unnoticed, in high levels it can kill in one breath.

Our H2S awareness program will provide participants with the skills and knowledge to identify and manage a H2S hazard.


  • What H2S is and where it can be located

  • The additional names for Hydrogen Sulfide

  • Properties and characteristics of Hydrogen Sulphide

  • Occupational exposure limits of H2S

  • Factors affecting individual susceptibility

  • Health & Safety legislation

  • Detection equipment

  • Respiratory protection equipment – escape BA sets, self-contained breathing apparatus & cascade systems

  • First aid treatment


Our aim is to increase participant awareness of H2S, how it is formed, where it can be found and the physiological effects on the human body. Protection from exposure and first aid are also covered in the basic awareness program.


Warden training can be undertaken in 2 hours for a group of 12 people. We need a room capable of seating the participants comfortably. The price per training session is $399.00.

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