Safety Solutions

Are you looking to improve your current Safety & Health standards ?  Is compliance with legislation a worry and risk to your business ?  Perth Fire will assist you by offering you a fully qualified safety officer that will work with you in a time frame that suits your needs.Do you want to improve your current Health and Safety standards?  External safety officers will bring to your business a wealth of experience and knowledge to provide you with safety solutions.

Why do you need a Safety Officer?

Health & Safety obligations placed on employers are designed to keep personnel safe whilst at work. Businesses are legally obligated to do everything in their power to reduce risks that are associated with hazards that are identified in the workplace.

How will we help?

Our Safety Consultants/Safety Officers provide you with a wide diversity of experiences and multidisciplinary qualifications including Medical, Nursing, Military, Quarantine, Construction, Fire Safety, Public Safety & Security. We will assign specifically selected safety officers to your business to meet your individual requirements. Contact us today and we can arrange to meet with you at your premises where we can discuss your requirements and propose a package to you that can best meet your needs.

Marine Safety

Site safety officers with industry experience to provide you with honest, realistic and helpful safety solutions. We will work with your team to achieve solutions.

Safety Audit

Remote area safety consultants will travel to your site, to learn about your work systems and processes so that we can provide you with safety solutions direct to your business.

Direct Safety Solutions

Commercial audits, safety systems and inspections provided to you by our team of expert safety professionals.  We will ensure that your systems are working at their optimal levels.

Perth Safety Service

Do you have issues with fatigue, non-compliance or misconduct ?  Our team of professionals will work with you to empower your team and provide you with solutions.

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