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Evacuation Diagrams:

Perth Fire specialises in evacuation diagrams for your business, office, warehouse, factory, production facility, school, medical center, building and any other area that requires an AS 3745 compliant evacuation diagram.

At Perth Fire our evacuation diagrams are totally customised to meet your specific needs, while ensuring that you remain compliant. Evacuation diagrams are designed to instruct occupants how to evacuate in a clear direction of travel should they need to exit the building.

Both Australian Standard 3745 and the Health & Safety Act indicate compliance standards that all businesses must meet. The Health & Safety Act states that it is a requirement that a person conducting a business must provide for the safety of their staff, visitors and contractors – this of course includes safe access and egress from site.

Perth Evacuation Diagram

A compliant evacuation diagram must have mandatory elements which include the assembly point, firefighting equipment locations, fire stairs, “you are here” and be orientated correctly so as to assist persons reading it to determine their safe route of egress in the event of an evacuation occurring.

Perth Fire can provide you with excellent evacuation diagrams that not only meet but exceed the compliance requirements. Contact us today for an obligation free quote.

Evacuation Diagram Perth Diagrams
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