Portable Eyewash Station – Extinguisher

Product Description

Portable Aerated Eyewash

Every second counts in the event of a chemical splash to the eyes, face or body an eyewash and an emergency shower are a must. Because of this fact, it is essential to have a first aid option close by at all times to help to reduce the risk of permanent injury. Our portable eye, face and body wash unit provides quick response and supplementary support to primary eye wash and deluge shower stations. This stainless steel unit is completely portable and can provide a quick initial flush to help minimise injury. The stainless steel cylinder can be placed throughout your workplace on wall or vehicle brackets similar to a fire extinguisher, with just as much portability.

Features include: Stainless Steel Cylinder, rechargeable via tyre air connection, pressure gauge (700kPa), safety relief valve, aerated outlet, large instruction label, compatible with existing extinguisher wall/vehicle brackets, 1.5m hose from bottle to aerated outlet. Supplied with a wall bracket for mounting.

Capacity: 9 litres

Agent Type: Air & Water

Total Mass: 12.1 kg

Pressure 700 kPa

Discharge: Aerated

Recharge: Standard Tyre Valve

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Additional Information

Weight12.1 kg
Dimensions17.5 x 63 cm

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