Confined Space Training

Confined space training is essential to give your staff the knowledge and skills to manage themselves & others around confined spaces.  Best of all, our training is customised to meet your needs.

Confined spaces are one of the biggest risks workers can face.  Many people are injured or killed each year in incidents that involve working in or around confined spaces.  Confined space incidents can be prevented with the biggest issue usually being a lack of understanding about the risks involved and not having the skills to safely work in or around confined spaces.

This confined space awareness training course will provide participants with a basic understanding of the risks, hazards and equipment associated with confined spaces. 

CONTENT – Confined Space Training

  • Current legislation overview

  • Recognition of confined spaces

  • Dangers of confined spaces

  • Atmospheres

  • Gas detection equipment used when dealing with confined spaces

  • Common types of Personal Protection Equipment

  • Breathing Apparatus

  • Working safely in and around confined spaces

  • Communication Methods

  • Emergency Procedures

OBJECTIVES – Confined Space Training

This course will provide participants with knowledge and understanding on confined space identification, legislation associated with working within a confined space, the risks & hazards of confined spaces and a good understanding of the dangers of confined spaces.

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DURATION & COST – Confined Space Training

Confined space awareness training can be undertaken in 4 hours for a group of 12 people. We need a room capable of seating the participants comfortably. The price per training session is $799.00.

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